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Just some of our customer feedback

Wacker Chemie AG

“The work has consistently been of excellent quality. Technikdok has proven itself to be a painstaking, reliable translation provider, who copes extremely well under pressure. Communication and teamwork with Technikdok are first-rate. The collaboration is always a pleasure.”

Rocío Bernabé Caro, Translation Department

Ponton-Lab GmbH

“Since 2002, Technikdok translates for Ponton-Lab GmbH in Hanover online German texts into Spanish. We value the collaboration with Technikdok on account of their reliability, promptness and high quality. Technikdok translates contents accurately, analyzing specific, conceptual contexts independently and explaining them in the target language.”

Anne Gerling , Editor

University of Passau

“The organisers of the Passauer LateinAmerikagespräche 2004 are glad to thank Technikdok for the extraordinary commitment and extremely competent efforts, as well as for the great, pleasant and very productive cooperation in all fields.”

Oliver Schmidt, Organisation PLA 2004, Students of the Philosophy Department

Atril Development S.L.

“I would like to stress the quality Technikdok brings to its work, which I believe is of key importance to any company dealing with translation technology tools.”

Emilio Benito, President and Founder