Technical translators for manuals, instructions, product specifications, experts in a large number of technical fields

Our reliable partners

Highly diversified: communication, design, print, audiovisual...

amagi Public Relations

Public affairs, corporate and product PR, PR events (press conferences, presentations, conferences, trade fairs, exhibitions), corporate publishing (newsletters, annual reports, catalogues, image brochures), online communications, etc.

ab projektmanagement & design

Internet solutions and multimedia projects: consultancy, planning, conceptual design, web design, programming, etc.


Art direction and graphic design: conceptual design, corporate equipment, visual concepts for exhibitions, design and layout of books, magazines and packaging, print media, (brochures, catalogues, flyers, posters, postcards, information kits, calendars, ads, advertising material), etc.


Native speakers and voice-overs for general and media companies. Sound recordings for audiovisual (radio, television, cinema or video) and new media (webs, interactive virtual courses, GPS, CD-ROM, DVD, etc).