Technical translators for manuals, instructions, product specifications, experts in a large number of technical fields

You can rest assured

Total confidentiality

Technikdok will handle all your data and documents as strictly confidential. Furthermore, all our collaborators sign a confidentiality agreement specific for every project before we send the actual document to them.

Technical and linguistic quality assurance

All texts are translated by certified professional translators, native speakers of the target language. Then, translations are proofread by experts in the required field. Your company and your client will notice the difference.

We adapt to the terminology used by your company

Technikdok works with the most innovative translation tools on the market, such as Déjà Vu. These systems allow us to create a database for each client, and to guarantee a consistent coherence in terminology, which contributes towards the corporate image of your company.

Same format and layout as the original

Be it websites or, for instance, Word, PowerPoint or QuarkXPress files, all translations maintain the same format and layout as the original document. This way, you will save DTP costs.